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Howland Pregnancy Announcement

This was actually the first time I ever announced a pregnancy. TALK ABOUT EXCITING. If you've been following me long enough you know I love couples and babies. So this shoot was right up my alley. These newlyweds are so sweet together and I am sure they are gonna rock the whole parenting gig. They are so goofy and carefree with one another; true love.

Ashley and Luke are about 4 months into this glorious pregnancy and Ashley still looks like she just ate one too many cheeseburgers (well not even that honestly). I was already being asked if I was having twins at this point in my pregnancy. So I may be kind of jealous ;)

I tend to get super excited about all things baby related and people might think I am crazy. Please know that it is because I am so excited for you to experience the best thing that has ever happened to me. Parenting is hard, but also the most rewarding. Welcome to a life full of laughing, crying and more love than you thought was possible.

Thank you for letting me capture some a special time in your lives Ashley and Luke!

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