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Nashville Wedding

I was asked by Hayley Stell Photography to come and shoot a wedding with her... I was more than thrilled! First of all, Hayley is amazing. And I have been wanting to do a wedding for quite some time. The more I get into my photography career, the more I realize how much I love photographing couples. This is like an extra long, super romantic couples session! Yes, they are busy and a little stressful. They are also fun, full of love and exciting.

This couple was amazing. Matt and Victoria. The bride was so laid back (like not a bridezilla in the slightest) and sweet. The groom was romantic, yet hilarious. They were the perfect couple to photograph for my first wedding experience. They kind of made it easy. They just went together so gracefully.

My first duty was to take pictures of the guys getting ready and prepping for the big ceremony! They were definitely goofy and obviously great friends. My favorite part was watching Matt open his gift from Victoria.... a watch with a sweet note.

The next part was the best part (well I can't decide between this and their handwritten vows) was their first look. We got to capture and be there with just the two of them the first time they saw each other. (totally recommend this now to wedding clients) I couldn't hear much of what they said to see other, but the looks on their faces said it all....

It was ceremony time up next! They had a smaller (50+ people) wedding which made it nice and intimate. The space was small but gorgeous. Like I said... they wrote their own vows and they were just impeccable in every way. They brought a few tears to my eyes. I just love love.

The rest of the afternoon went by so quickly. They had an amazing entree with an even better cake. (big sweet tooth over here) The dances were all beautiful and the songs were chosen specifically for them. Then after all the wedding festivities, we spent an hour with Matt and his new bride, just taking pictures of them in different areas of the gorgeous hotel.

It really was the picture perfect day. Pictures don't do it justice, but I hope they give you an idea of the magic.

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